Buy French Maid Uniforms

Buying a french maid outfit is one of the most important decisions you can make. How short do you want the skirt to be? How much “cleavage” should be showing? What accessories do you need? What does your Master or Mistress want you to wear? Below are some of my personal favorite outfits.

Ready2Role makes custom outfits and ships around the world. Their prices are reasonable for what you get, and they have a number of good looking designs. Check them out here.

If that is a bit out of your price range, or you’re just looking for something fast, Amazon has a number of decent French Maid costumes.

This is a good starter outfit. Note the sizes are a little small so if you’re bigger you’ll need to get into the Plus Sized outfits.

Second favorite outfit. Good for the more “busty” maid.

This is a more understated outfit. And by removing the apron can be used for a variety of other outfits!

And of course the flirty little maid. Another one of my favorites. I prefer the longer sleeves for the most part but this one works in a pinch.

And of course if you need a Plus Sized outfit, all of those above have plus sized options!

Do you have any great places to buy outfits? Please share below!