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  • First American Maid Cafe opens in Manhattan

    The Maid Cafe concept, long popular in Japan, has finally hit American shores. The first one has been opened in Manhattan in New York City.

    Servers are dressed in Pink French Maid outfits, they answer patrons who enter the door with “Welcome home my Master,” and of course smile and giggle a lot. Food and drinks are made up to be “cute.” For instance a dish of Chicken Katsu over rice could look like a teddy bear, or an Ice Cream Sunday could look like a clown.

    Borne out of Anime (Japanese Animation, frequently with adult and mature themes,) the concept has been popular in Japan for decades now. Hundreds of Maid Cafes are in the country with a number of them located in Tokyo in the Akihabara district.

    Maid Cafe
    Japanese A/V Star Aoi in “Pleasing the Clients”

    In the interview with CCTV, the owner, Satoshi Yoshimura says he is surprised how much Americans know about Japanese Culture. He blames the Internet for the spread of Japanese Culture in the United States.

    For the most part, servers there report that patrons have been incredibly polite, rarely flirt and are not allowed to ask for the girl’s phone numbers at all.

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  • Man Attacked Girlfriend Over Halloween Outfit

    From The Smoking Gun.Com

    ‘NOVEMBER 4–Angered that his girlfriend had dressed as a sexy French maid for Halloween, a Pennsylvania man allegedly stripped the costume off the woman and assaulted her, according to a criminal complaint.

    Police report that John Chapman, 48, and Jennifer O’Gallagher had been drinking for a couple of hours Friday in their Nanticoke home before “getting their Halloween costumes on so they could go out for the night.” ‘

    The next part is my favorite part;

    “As they quarreled, Chapman stripped the costume off O’Gallagher and bound her wrists and ankles together.” She was able to free herself later, but he came back later and tried to reenter the apartment. An argument ensued and Chapman was arrested and is in jail for assault and unlawful restraint. Apparently he’s been in trouble many times before.

    For those of us into BDSM and the D/s scene in general, this is the perfect example of a cautionary tale on why such relationships should be founded on communication. While it’s obvious this man has had problems before, it’s not to far fetched to see someone getting into the same trouble because of tempers and a lack of open, honest communication.

    Take Jay Wiseman’s advice, talk about issues before they come up. Or if they do, step away and calm down for a few minutes before reentering the conversation.