Story – John’s Gift

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“John had lost his wife just months ago in a train wreck as she’d been on her way to visit her ill sister. She had done everything for him from the cooking to the cleaning to tending to every single blossoming flower in her pretty little garden. The only thing she hadn’t managed to do was give him children and though they and struggled with at first, they then came to accept it and live happily just as they were.

The house was now a mess and there barely was any evidence that there had once been a garden there at all. On many occasions John had gone to bed hungry, unable to know what to make with the ingredients that were left. He had already boiled all the eggs and eaten the bread. The most of what he knew how to make. It was time he got a house help.

The first time she’d been brought to him, he wasn’t really convinced that she could do the job well. But the way her perky breasts had poked through her old, tattered and transparent blouse, he couldn’t help but give her the job anyway. On her first day there, he’d walked in on her, bending over, her buttocks parted and her legs spread wide apart, tending to his dirty laundry. He stood and starred at her voluptuous body, wondering how long it would be before he would no longer control himself and would fuck the daylights out of her.

Within a week, the house was clean, the laundry washed, new shopping done and the garden had been re-started. He had under-estimated Tumaini. She was more capable than he had thought. But who could have blamed him? She was so young. He wondered if all Tanzanian girls were taught house chores as such a tender age. He would have to ask her one day.

‘So what does your name mean?’ John asked one morning as he walked in on her baking some oat bread.

‘Tumanini? It means hope in Swahili.’ She replied, not raising her head from the baking tray that she had begun to grease.

‘Hope for what?’ John continued to inquire.

‘Hope that I would one day bring success and good fortune to the family. That I would become a source of income and would change the state of poverty that the family has known all its life.

‘Well then, I will double you pay if that’s the case. As long as you don’t get lazy. Understood!’

‘Yes master. Thank you so much. I won’t let…..’

But he had already walked away before she had even begun to answer. She was going to show him how hard working and dedicated she was. She was going to make her family proud of her. And besides, none of the chores here were too bad. All except when master walked around naked in the mornings.

“Master!” She said. “I’ve never done this before.”

He had pulled her to him one Saturday morning, and held her close. She had become accustomed to his naked nature and come to realize it wasn’t going to change anytime soon. However, on this day, his long penis, that usually dangled lifelessly in between his legs had a different stature. It was firm and upright. Stiff as if it had a bone. She had seen it before, with her elders, and had come to learn where the penis would go once it got that hard, and here was a man whose penis was hard for her.

“It’s alright, I will teach you.”

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