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  • Story – Convention Day

    Originally from GoneWildStories on Reddit.

    There was a big anime cosplay convention this weekend, and I found myself in a unique situation: I have a hotel room all to myself to make cosplaying easier and to save travelling, but with no friends staying the entire weekend. I didn’t want to waste that opportunity, so I started looking for meets in earnest.
    Among the people I started talking to was a guy in his mid-20s – decent looking, travelling down for the weekend for the same event and with just the right mix of politeness and confidence to work for me. The more we talked the more we got on, and we ended up swapping details and arranging to meet once we got to the event’s location.
    As soon as I arrived I was relieved to find that my room was ready, letting me check in and change into my chosen outfit for the first day – a maid outfit as Kaichou wa Maid-sama if anyone cares. That is a pretty traditional French maid dress that you see in anime all the time, with a pretty short skirt, black over-the-knee stockings and some boots. By the time I was changed and had checked that everything looked good in the mirror, the guy had let me know he was around, so we arranged to meet at the hotel entrance.


    With my heart starting to pound already with excitement I headed down in the lift, and within a few minutes we recognised and met each other just outside the hotel – we chatted for a bit and made small talk, before the question came forth as to whether we should head for a drink or up to my room. My mouth was a little dry but not because I was thirsty, so I quietly asked whether we should just go up to the room – unsurprisingly, he was quick to agree to the idea.

    After a quiet trip up to my floor in the lift (lift chatter is hard even if you aren’t two horny strangers!), we headed to my room – having discussed what outfits I was thinking of wearing before the event I knew this maid outfit was one of his favourites, and he’s been very open about liking the idea of having me “serve” him, so once in the room I turned to face him shyly asked with a smile masking my utter embarrassment “Is there anything I can get for you, Master?”

    “I just want to look at you in this outfit for now” was his reply, so I found some space in the room to stand there, feeling and seeing his eyes moving up and down my body, lingering over the top of my chest and the exposed part of my legs. I stood for a while, flushing red as he told me how incredible I looked, before he began to instruct me how to pose for him… turning around so he could look at me from the back, then leaning forward over a table on his command and then being told to move onto all fours on the double bed in the room. Facing away from me, I could hear him shifting and knew he was probably moving to see if he could peek up my skirt and the white knickers beneath; an idea which increased my excitement.

    Ordered to stand up again, the next command was even more blunt – “Lift your skirt for me”. I complied, hiking up the dress and making my knickers fully visible while he smiled and complimented me some more on my legs and body. I then turned around, showing him my behind with skirt again lifted, and again bending over as he admired my backside with some further compliments.

    The next command was spoken with a little less authority, as it was clear where this was headed and he wasn’t sure if he might be pushing his luck – “Kneel down over there”. I did as he asked, kneeling on the ground and making myself comfortable. As he moved over to me I didn’t need to be told what to do next, running my hand over the front of his trousers before unzipping them and reaching inside to find and produce his hardening cock.

    As he asked me to stroke it I did as he requested, running my fingers over it before gripping and stroking it until he was fully erect. I continued teasingly stroking him until the next, slightly hoarse, command came. “Put it in your mouth” – I duly did, wrapping my lips around him and taking him into my mouth, swirling my tongue slightly as I began to slowly suck and bob my head as he groaned audibly.

    I soon picked up the pace, working my tongue and lips over his hard shaft and tip, glancing up to see him watching me intently, kneeling in a maid outfit sucking his cock only briefly after meeting. The mere thought of doing so was arousing, and actually doing it more so, and without really thinking one of my hands had worked up under my skirt. It wasn’t long before that hand was inside my knickers, exploring my wetness and then finding my clit to concentrate on, bringing a moan from within my full mouth which in turn brought another groan from him.

    This didn’t continue for too long – I was in full flow giving him a vigorous blowjob while my hand under my skirt quickly rubbed my clit inside my knickers. My pace only increased a little further as he exclaimed “Oh God I’m gonna cum”, another moan from me perhaps pushing him over the edge as my mouth filled with his cum which I quickly swallowed down, managing to take it all without making a mess over the outfit I was yet to wear out in public.
    Pulling away my lips to some praise as to how amazing that was, he further commented on how hot it was knowing I was playing with myself as I did it. I smiled at this, before “Let me watch you” was his next request – I nodded and gave a small “okay”, picking myself up from my kneeling position and setting myself down on the bed. Fed up of their obstruction, I was in no mood for teasing as I laid back, lifted my hips and pulled my knickers down, struggling ungracefully to get them off over the boots of the outfit enough so as not to hinder me.

    I wasn’t so much putting on a show as simply seeking my own release here, pushing up my skirt and going straight for my pussy, easing a couple of fingers into my pussy as he sat himself down on a chair in the room, leaning forward and watching me finger myself. I quickly lost track of both time and his gaze on me, keeping my skirt pulled up and spreading my stocking-clad legs lewdly solely so that I could alternate between rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy. This only became more frantic, my hips moving and moans filling the room, louder and louder as I heard his voice requesting “cum for me” several times… not something I needed to be told to do as I focused every effort on doing just that until I came to a shuddering climax.

    All I could do at that point was bask in that release of sexual tension, eyes closed as I all but forgot someone else was there. As the haze in my brain lifted I vaguely recalled hearing a phone tone that wasn’t mine, which led to his apologies that his friends had arrived earlier than anticipated and were looking for him. Clearly uncomfortable about telling them he was probably about to fuck a girl he’d just met, he zipped his pants back up and left with yet more apologies, although not before suggesting that we should get together some more later on.

    Still feeling horny I wasn’t about to say no, and so we planned to meet again when the day’s convention events were over – something that fell through as his friends dragged him away elsewhere, leaving us both with nothing more to do than to bemoan our frustrations via the odd text message. Thankfully, and even with a friend visiting the show the next day, there was still plenty of time and opportunity for those frustrations to be well and truly brushed away…