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  • A Maid’s Tail; A Catgirl Maid Story by Tammy Silverwolf

    Author Tammy Silverwolf has written one of the best French Maid Erotica stories I’ve ever read. In fact, it’s so good, I’ve had to re-read it multiple times before making this post!

    A Maid's Tail
    A Maid’s Tail; A Catgirl Maid Story by Tammy Silverwolf

    The story starts out with a slightly older heroine, Kimberly Williams, who is an unsuccessful author at her last straw financially. Out of desperation she answers an ad for a “Domestic Assistant.” The interview with Syliva and Elliot McKenna starts off badly, but she ends up getting the job on a trial basis.

    Unfortunately for Kim, the job turns out to be much more then she bargained for. A cute yet revealing french maid outfit with Anime style cat ears and a butt plug tail await her first day. As she works for the McKennas out of desperation, she sinks further into the submissive domestic position she was hired for. Fortunately for us, Kimberly is led step by step further into a much more encompassing role that has been chosen for her until… well, you need to read to find out.

    The writing is quite excellent, it doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator yet it’s not flowery or filled with excessive works. I was impressed with both the character development and even more so with the author’s attention to detail in character behaviors and motives. From a writing standpoint, this is a tight story with little cruft that manages to capture the situation perfectly. I rarely get sucked into such stories, but this one gets me every time.

    Tammy Silverwolf’s story, A Maid’s Tail; A Catgirl Maid Story is available on her website. If you purchase it there, she has generously provided a coupon for French Maid Fetish readers of “MaidFetish” for a 25% discount! The story is priced at $2.50 which makes it a $1.87! For the amount of enjoyment I got out of this story, it is WELL worth it!

    For those who prefer, it can also be purchased on Amazon.com

    Overall, A Maid’s Tail; A Catgirl Maid Story by Tammy Silverwolf is one of the best erotic stories I’ve read in recent memory. I re-read it five times for this review, and would love to see a sequel.