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  • French Maid Outfits for Sissies!

    Welcome to the site, Read2Role. They are a company that specializes in Sissy French Maid Uniforms based in the UK. But they do ship world wide!

    French Maid Outfits for Sissies!

    Years of experience in dressing sissys and cross dressers has taught us at ready2role a thing or two. Men who live & love to dress sometimes need a bit of help to find their perfect outfit and style. They know how they want to look and what their dream scenarios are but creating that reality can be problematic, for many reasons.

    French Maid Outfits for Sissies!

    Those gurls and boys who want a dress that transports them can buy sweet outfits off online market places and often get a decent deal but sometimes due to their needs or size they struggle. This is were ready2role comes in, we create with the person their desired outfit in the colour & materials of their choice. Satins, pvc, printed cottons, lacey, bows galore, locked, laced, buttoned…. the list is as restrictive as your imagination.

    We make the petticoats and panties if required , also padded filled bras and corsets, the look you want.



    Vikki-8Bespoke items made to measure at a price that even though may seem steep to other dresses, are quality and unique items. You deserve to treat yourself to a dress which you know you always wanted!

    We are always happy to help, we remain discreet and communicate to ensure we have it right and it gets posted safely to an address anywhere locally or internationally you give us….in fact the only plain thing about our dresses is the wrapping its posted in!

    Contact us at www.ready2role.co.uk or email suzi@ready2role.co.uk








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  • Man Attacked Girlfriend Over Halloween Outfit

    From The Smoking Gun.Com

    ‘NOVEMBER 4–Angered that his girlfriend had dressed as a sexy French maid for Halloween, a Pennsylvania man allegedly stripped the costume off the woman and assaulted her, according to a criminal complaint.

    Police report that John Chapman, 48, and Jennifer O’Gallagher had been drinking for a couple of hours Friday in their Nanticoke home before “getting their Halloween costumes on so they could go out for the night.” ‘

    The next part is my favorite part;

    “As they quarreled, Chapman stripped the costume off O’Gallagher and bound her wrists and ankles together.” She was able to free herself later, but he came back later and tried to reenter the apartment. An argument ensued and Chapman was arrested and is in jail for assault and unlawful restraint. Apparently he’s been in trouble many times before.

    For those of us into BDSM and the D/s scene in general, this is the perfect example of a cautionary tale on why such relationships should be founded on communication. While it’s obvious this man has had problems before, it’s not to far fetched to see someone getting into the same trouble because of tempers and a lack of open, honest communication.

    Take Jay Wiseman’s advice, talk about issues before they come up. Or if they do, step away and calm down for a few minutes before reentering the conversation.

  • Bettie Page French Maid Pictures

    In the fetish world, it can be argued that few people had more influence then Bettie Page. It’s ironic that until close to her death, she didn’t see it that way and actually had no idea. Luckily for us, and the topic of this blog, she did pose a couple of times in French Maid outfits!

    Bettie with Tempest Storm
    Bettie with Tempest Storm

    Bettie Page French Maid


    Bettie Page French Maid


    But her style is such that she’s been imitated many, many times. A great Pinup Photographer, Miss Missy, has done a homage to Bettie Page, as have, literally hundreds of other photographers and models.

    Miss Missy French Maid

    Miss Missy French Maid

    Miss Missy French Maid


    But the most famous pictures of Bettie Page as a French Maid, never actually happened. Famous pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis‘ biggest muse is the famous Bettie Page. Olivia has made several Bettie Page French Maid pictures in her career. One of my favorites of course, is this wonderful little picture.

    Olivia Bettie Page

    Bettie's Skirt

    Bettie in Bondage

    I can almost say that these two pictures are what started my interest in French Maids in general.