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  • Interview with a Sissy Maid: Sissysteveandrews

    Hello folks! Here is a new feature I’ve come up with. I’m going to start interviewing real French Maids. People who LIVE in the lifestyle, dress as maids, and enjoy it!Interview with a Sissy Maid: Sissysteveandrews

    First Interview with a Sissy Maid: Sissysteveandrews

    Q: Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

    A: I am a professionally employed male living in Vancouver, BC. For me dressing and more importantly serving as a maid is an essential element of my life and allows me to escape the day to day pressures of my career. I am fortunate to have a Madam who I serve as both her maid and at other times as her secretary for her fledglling new business.

    Q: How did you discover your interest in French Maids?

    A: Growing up I loved short and frilly dresses and at the time (when I was a teenager) I was thrilled to have the opportunity to dress up in short square dance dresses. As I reached my early 20’s I started to realize that I really was a sissy and loved to cook, clean and do household chores. As a result the fench maid uniform was the perfect way for me to enjoy short and poofy dresses and perform feminine chores.

    Q: What is your favorite aspect of dressing up?

    Interview with a Sissy Maid: SissysteveandrewsA: For me dressing up is as much emotional as physical. My Madam requires me to be tightly girdled under my uniform and I love the restrictive feeling that creates along with a much better posture. Also actually doing the maid chores while dressed as a maid is much more fullfilling than just prancing about in my uniform.

    Q: Where do you get your outfits?

    A: I have purchased all my uniforms (3) on Ebay.

    Q: Can you tell us your favorite scene or fantasy?

    A: My favorite true scene is to arrive at my Madam’s apartment and to get dressed then report to her for a list of my chores. My uniform is inspected and any sloppiness such as improper bow, uneven hem is corrected and then I spend my time doing my chores and attending to her persoanl needs while she relaxes or works on her business. There are times when I arrive expecting to do chores but the etire visit is spent being punished and learning correct procedures that I have not performed correctly i nthe past.

    Interview with a Sissy Maid: SissysteveandrewsQ: Do you have a “chore list?”

    A: Yes, upon my arrival I alays receive a chore list

    Q: Chastity, yes or no?

    A: To date no chastity but it is in my futire.

    Q: Have you done any kind of “training” and if so, what was it like?

    A: I have attended a proper French cooking school to learn to cook and serve. I also have been trained to perform secretatial duties. Naturally she has “trained” me by correcting my improper behavior. It consists of being gagged and bound then my bottom is exposed for a lengthy session of discipline. While it is painful it makes me a better maid to know that there are consequenses for poor or disappointing work.

    Thank you to Sissysteveandrews for this interview! Please comment below if you like this feature, would like to be interviewed, or have any additional questions you’d like to see.