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  • Sado Chamber Silicone Male Chastity Device Review

    Male Chastity Device Review – Sado Chamber Silicone Cage

    So a few months ago, Mistress had me purchase a new Male Chastity device. My previous one, the ever popular CBT3000 worked, but wasn’t perfect. I ended up going with the Sado Chamber Silicon Male Chasity Device because it is made of more flexible silicone instead of rigid plastic, and the price was right.

    So after wearing it for 30 days straight, here is my review of it.

    Male Chastity Device Review

    Getting it on

    For me the biggest problem with cock rings of any sort is getting my testicles through the hole. A two inch ring or smaller is near impossible for me to use unfortunately. The Sado Chamber comes with three different size diameter rings, 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, and 2 inches. Even with the 2 inch ring it was a painful fight to get the myself through the ring. The rings, despite being silicone also, are very rigid and have no give at all so I couldn’t stretch it out even a bit.

    Once the ring was on, the thickness itself was a bit of a problem. They are about half an inch wide with a ridge on each side to keep the locking strap from slipping off. While a good idea, the thickness just added to the problems especially during shrinkage on cold days.

    Long Term Wearability

    The first couple of hours were perfectly fine while “in scene.” It was uncomfortable but bearable. I was thinking constantly “it’ll get better, I’m just not used to it yet.” I tried a couple of manual adjustments while locked up to get things in place but couldn’t quite get it right. After a full day, I had to safe word out of it.

    The second try went better. I was able to adjust it better while putting it on. Shrinkage definitely caused some issues still. The biggest problem at this point is that I’m a definite grower, not a shower, so the head of my penis would retract almost completely out of the cage portion. Again, this caused a large amount of discomfort, especially on cold days. Coupled with the size of the ring things could get very painful, very quickly.

    On the plus side, since it is silicone it gives a bit more. This is a good thing when going about daily business. It flexes enough to not cause major issues underneath clothing and doesn’t feel like a huge hard bulge there. This was always my biggest issue with my other CBT device.


    I’m divided on if I like the Sado Chamber or not. It’s much harder to get on and off then my CBT3000. But ironically it’s more painful on a day to day basis. I felt more conscious of it and had to adjust it several times a day as things shifted around.

    Overall, I’d give it about 3.5 stars of 5. If the ring that goes around the shaft of the penis behind the balls was a bit smaller, I feel that this would be my favorite CBT device, especially for long term wearability.