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  • A Maid’s Tail; A Catgirl Maid Story by Tammy Silverwolf

    Author Tammy Silverwolf has written one of the best French Maid Erotica stories I’ve ever read. In fact, it’s so good, I’ve had to re-read it multiple times before making this post!

    A Maid's Tail
    A Maid’s Tail; A Catgirl Maid Story by Tammy Silverwolf

    The story starts out with a slightly older heroine, Kimberly Williams, who is an unsuccessful author at her last straw financially. Out of desperation she answers an ad for a “Domestic Assistant.” The interview with Syliva and Elliot McKenna starts off badly, but she ends up getting the job on a trial basis.

    Unfortunately for Kim, the job turns out to be much more then she bargained for. A cute yet revealing french maid outfit with Anime style cat ears and a butt plug tail await her first day. As she works for the McKennas out of desperation, she sinks further into the submissive domestic position she was hired for. Fortunately for us, Kimberly is led step by step further into a much more encompassing role that has been chosen for her until… well, you need to read to find out.

    The writing is quite excellent, it doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator yet it’s not flowery or filled with excessive works. I was impressed with both the character development and even more so with the author’s attention to detail in character behaviors and motives. From a writing standpoint, this is a tight story with little cruft that manages to capture the situation perfectly. I rarely get sucked into such stories, but this one gets me every time.

    Tammy Silverwolf’s story, A Maid’s Tail; A Catgirl Maid Story is available on her website. If you purchase it there, she has generously provided a coupon for French Maid Fetish readers of “MaidFetish” for a 25% discount! The story is priced at $2.50 which makes it a $1.87! For the amount of enjoyment I got out of this story, it is WELL worth it!

    For those who prefer, it can also be purchased on Amazon.com

    Overall, A Maid’s Tail; A Catgirl Maid Story by Tammy Silverwolf is one of the best erotic stories I’ve read in recent memory. I re-read it five times for this review, and would love to see a sequel.

  • Story – John’s Gift

    From EroticAfro.com, a website that specializes in African erotic stories is this HOT French Maid story. Read the entire story at their page: http://eroticafro.com/fiction/johns-gift/

    “John had lost his wife just months ago in a train wreck as she’d been on her way to visit her ill sister. She had done everything for him from the cooking to the cleaning to tending to every single blossoming flower in her pretty little garden. The only thing she hadn’t managed to do was give him children and though they and struggled with at first, they then came to accept it and live happily just as they were.

    The house was now a mess and there barely was any evidence that there had once been a garden there at all. On many occasions John had gone to bed hungry, unable to know what to make with the ingredients that were left. He had already boiled all the eggs and eaten the bread. The most of what he knew how to make. It was time he got a house help.

    The first time she’d been brought to him, he wasn’t really convinced that she could do the job well. But the way her perky breasts had poked through her old, tattered and transparent blouse, he couldn’t help but give her the job anyway. On her first day there, he’d walked in on her, bending over, her buttocks parted and her legs spread wide apart, tending to his dirty laundry. He stood and starred at her voluptuous body, wondering how long it would be before he would no longer control himself and would fuck the daylights out of her.

    Within a week, the house was clean, the laundry washed, new shopping done and the garden had been re-started. He had under-estimated Tumaini. She was more capable than he had thought. But who could have blamed him? She was so young. He wondered if all Tanzanian girls were taught house chores as such a tender age. He would have to ask her one day.

    ‘So what does your name mean?’ John asked one morning as he walked in on her baking some oat bread.

    ‘Tumanini? It means hope in Swahili.’ She replied, not raising her head from the baking tray that she had begun to grease.

    ‘Hope for what?’ John continued to inquire.

    ‘Hope that I would one day bring success and good fortune to the family. That I would become a source of income and would change the state of poverty that the family has known all its life.

    ‘Well then, I will double you pay if that’s the case. As long as you don’t get lazy. Understood!’

    ‘Yes master. Thank you so much. I won’t let…..’

    But he had already walked away before she had even begun to answer. She was going to show him how hard working and dedicated she was. She was going to make her family proud of her. And besides, none of the chores here were too bad. All except when master walked around naked in the mornings.

    “Master!” She said. “I’ve never done this before.”

    He had pulled her to him one Saturday morning, and held her close. She had become accustomed to his naked nature and come to realize it wasn’t going to change anytime soon. However, on this day, his long penis, that usually dangled lifelessly in between his legs had a different stature. It was firm and upright. Stiff as if it had a bone. She had seen it before, with her elders, and had come to learn where the penis would go once it got that hard, and here was a man whose penis was hard for her.

    “It’s alright, I will teach you.”

    Read the rest at EroticaAfro.com

  • Story – Convention Day

    Originally from GoneWildStories on Reddit.

    There was a big anime cosplay convention this weekend, and I found myself in a unique situation: I have a hotel room all to myself to make cosplaying easier and to save travelling, but with no friends staying the entire weekend. I didn’t want to waste that opportunity, so I started looking for meets in earnest.
    Among the people I started talking to was a guy in his mid-20s – decent looking, travelling down for the weekend for the same event and with just the right mix of politeness and confidence to work for me. The more we talked the more we got on, and we ended up swapping details and arranging to meet once we got to the event’s location.
    As soon as I arrived I was relieved to find that my room was ready, letting me check in and change into my chosen outfit for the first day – a maid outfit as Kaichou wa Maid-sama if anyone cares. That is a pretty traditional French maid dress that you see in anime all the time, with a pretty short skirt, black over-the-knee stockings and some boots. By the time I was changed and had checked that everything looked good in the mirror, the guy had let me know he was around, so we arranged to meet at the hotel entrance.


    With my heart starting to pound already with excitement I headed down in the lift, and within a few minutes we recognised and met each other just outside the hotel – we chatted for a bit and made small talk, before the question came forth as to whether we should head for a drink or up to my room. My mouth was a little dry but not because I was thirsty, so I quietly asked whether we should just go up to the room – unsurprisingly, he was quick to agree to the idea.

    After a quiet trip up to my floor in the lift (lift chatter is hard even if you aren’t two horny strangers!), we headed to my room – having discussed what outfits I was thinking of wearing before the event I knew this maid outfit was one of his favourites, and he’s been very open about liking the idea of having me “serve” him, so once in the room I turned to face him shyly asked with a smile masking my utter embarrassment “Is there anything I can get for you, Master?”

    “I just want to look at you in this outfit for now” was his reply, so I found some space in the room to stand there, feeling and seeing his eyes moving up and down my body, lingering over the top of my chest and the exposed part of my legs. I stood for a while, flushing red as he told me how incredible I looked, before he began to instruct me how to pose for him… turning around so he could look at me from the back, then leaning forward over a table on his command and then being told to move onto all fours on the double bed in the room. Facing away from me, I could hear him shifting and knew he was probably moving to see if he could peek up my skirt and the white knickers beneath; an idea which increased my excitement.

    Ordered to stand up again, the next command was even more blunt – “Lift your skirt for me”. I complied, hiking up the dress and making my knickers fully visible while he smiled and complimented me some more on my legs and body. I then turned around, showing him my behind with skirt again lifted, and again bending over as he admired my backside with some further compliments.

    The next command was spoken with a little less authority, as it was clear where this was headed and he wasn’t sure if he might be pushing his luck – “Kneel down over there”. I did as he asked, kneeling on the ground and making myself comfortable. As he moved over to me I didn’t need to be told what to do next, running my hand over the front of his trousers before unzipping them and reaching inside to find and produce his hardening cock.

    As he asked me to stroke it I did as he requested, running my fingers over it before gripping and stroking it until he was fully erect. I continued teasingly stroking him until the next, slightly hoarse, command came. “Put it in your mouth” – I duly did, wrapping my lips around him and taking him into my mouth, swirling my tongue slightly as I began to slowly suck and bob my head as he groaned audibly.

    I soon picked up the pace, working my tongue and lips over his hard shaft and tip, glancing up to see him watching me intently, kneeling in a maid outfit sucking his cock only briefly after meeting. The mere thought of doing so was arousing, and actually doing it more so, and without really thinking one of my hands had worked up under my skirt. It wasn’t long before that hand was inside my knickers, exploring my wetness and then finding my clit to concentrate on, bringing a moan from within my full mouth which in turn brought another groan from him.

    This didn’t continue for too long – I was in full flow giving him a vigorous blowjob while my hand under my skirt quickly rubbed my clit inside my knickers. My pace only increased a little further as he exclaimed “Oh God I’m gonna cum”, another moan from me perhaps pushing him over the edge as my mouth filled with his cum which I quickly swallowed down, managing to take it all without making a mess over the outfit I was yet to wear out in public.
    Pulling away my lips to some praise as to how amazing that was, he further commented on how hot it was knowing I was playing with myself as I did it. I smiled at this, before “Let me watch you” was his next request – I nodded and gave a small “okay”, picking myself up from my kneeling position and setting myself down on the bed. Fed up of their obstruction, I was in no mood for teasing as I laid back, lifted my hips and pulled my knickers down, struggling ungracefully to get them off over the boots of the outfit enough so as not to hinder me.

    I wasn’t so much putting on a show as simply seeking my own release here, pushing up my skirt and going straight for my pussy, easing a couple of fingers into my pussy as he sat himself down on a chair in the room, leaning forward and watching me finger myself. I quickly lost track of both time and his gaze on me, keeping my skirt pulled up and spreading my stocking-clad legs lewdly solely so that I could alternate between rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy. This only became more frantic, my hips moving and moans filling the room, louder and louder as I heard his voice requesting “cum for me” several times… not something I needed to be told to do as I focused every effort on doing just that until I came to a shuddering climax.

    All I could do at that point was bask in that release of sexual tension, eyes closed as I all but forgot someone else was there. As the haze in my brain lifted I vaguely recalled hearing a phone tone that wasn’t mine, which led to his apologies that his friends had arrived earlier than anticipated and were looking for him. Clearly uncomfortable about telling them he was probably about to fuck a girl he’d just met, he zipped his pants back up and left with yet more apologies, although not before suggesting that we should get together some more later on.

    Still feeling horny I wasn’t about to say no, and so we planned to meet again when the day’s convention events were over – something that fell through as his friends dragged him away elsewhere, leaving us both with nothing more to do than to bemoan our frustrations via the odd text message. Thankfully, and even with a friend visiting the show the next day, there was still plenty of time and opportunity for those frustrations to be well and truly brushed away…

  • Story: Featherlight touch

    Here is a great French Maid Femdom story from Bawdy Bloke.

    Featherlight touch

    She cackled as I squirmed; laughed as I begged and pleaded. I was desperate to escape from my binds and restraints, tying me helplessly to her mattress.

    It was her favourite game. Her niche. Her speciality. And I was, understandably, her favourite toy to play with and experiment on.

    I was a mere pawn for her; caged in chastity for four weeks, but now released. My freed cock, proudly erect, twitched as her long gloved hands of the French maid outfit drew lines on my restrained body. My favourite outfit; she wore it deliberately to evoke. “Sssshh!” She whispered before seductively rubbing her tongue over her top lip.Story: Featherlight touch

    Her eyes never left her prostrated slave, her mouth curling into a sadistic smile as I whimpered hopelessly.

    My pleas were pointless; helpless and pitiful cries of desperation that fell on deaf ears. They were pathetic, she reminded me. Utterly pathetic. As was I.

    Her long, stocking-clad legs, meshed in black seductiveness, brushed past my thigh as she leant across me, slowly blowing on my erect cock that twitched in anticipation. “My last client cried as I teased him.” The professional dominatrix gave a sultry look along the contours of my body. “And then I did this …”

    Her tongue swirled briefly over the tip of my cock, sending fiery shots of lust to my groin and flicked my overwhelming arousal into a surge of expectation. I squealed; it was almost too much. Too powerful, too intense, too brief.


    “I love seeing grown men cry,” she whispered. My heart pounded in my chest as she retrieved her favourite toy. It was torture. Sheer delicious torture.

    Her feather duster swept along my body, tickling my nerves as it fleeted tantalisingly across my skin. Carefully stroking. Teasing. Flirting with me. Wanting to see my yield.

    For the briefest of cruel moments her toy kissed my skin, stoking arousal from my pent-up lust and drawing cries from my lips. She surveyed her playground, choosing where I was most vulnerable to strike next. Smooth, gentle strokes of her duster, gliding agonisingly across my sensitive torso to excite and stimulate. To tease.

    A flicker across my nipples, a seductive swish across my thighs, a gentle float across my body and then playfully dancing across the end of my cock. The softest, kindest of caresses, blowing lightly over my glans. It pulsed; my horniness surged as my cock twitched with every soft, subtle touch of her duster.

    She teased me; my balls tickled, my cock mercilessly excited as her feathers worked my horniness into desperate cries and squeals. I was there; I was where I hadn’t been for four weeks.

    She beamed as I writhed, watching and waiting. Expecting. Every inch of me examined and studied as her toy floated joyously over my cock. My lust swelled until I was thrusting my hips towards her instrument of tease.

    And then she stopped. Flicked it over her shoulder, as my body fell past the my point of no return. I cried, begging her to touch my orgasmic cock as my dick twitched and dribbles of cum spewed onto my stomach.

    But she just watched, enjoying my pain.

    An orgasm ruined.

    I was pathetic, she reminded me.

    But I was horny. Aroused and unsated. Spent, but desperately unsatisfied.

    She taunted as I was rehoused in my chastity cage before being released from my bindings. “Don’t forget to get the milk and tomato puree on your way home,” my girlfriend reminded me with a smile. “I’ve got bookings all day so you’ll have to put tea on when you get home.”

    “Sure,” I muttered, still squirming from her machinations. “Can I just have …”

    “Certainly not!” She commanded, slapping my naked butt as we exited her dungeon. “I’ve got half-an-hour for lunch, and you are due back at the office.” I snorted; I’d be beaten on my next lunchtime visit, teased and tormented until I collapsed with desperation. Or maybe she’d petticoat me and play her strap-on and my arse. Or a hundred different ways of dominating her appreciative boyfriend.

    “I’ve had men go a whole year between pleasurable orgasms in the past,” she admitted to me as I got dressed. “But I think we can top that.” And with a cruel giggle, her feather duster tickled the end of my nose as I pondered, and believed, her threat.


    By the way, if you’re looking for a good high quality male chastity device, may I suggest the Bon4 Silicone Chastity device? It is absolutely wonderful and one of the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

  • Hot Crossdressing story from Reddit

    /u//Ishouldstopbutdont posted this hot crossdressing story from Reddit in /r/confession/

    “[No Regrets]
    I’m a woman in my 20s and I guess I’m attractive enough. For whatever reason, I find it entertaining/cute/funny/fun when guys cross dress.

    I discovered a while ago that it’s really easy to get them to do it. I’ll flirt with guys anywhere once I trust them enough not to be crazy (coworkers, classmates, friends/acquaintances etc.). Then I’ll tell them how I like guys cross dressing.

    Once that’s done, I usually get them to go to the mall together where I pick out clothes for them to buy to wear (including underwear, of course). Back at my place, I get them to wear it, do they’re makeup etc. they’re usually kinda nervous but willing (I tune up the flirting). I usually just hang out with them, leaving them wanting more. I’ll invite them back on later days, dress them up again and keep it going on multiple days (sometimes getting new outfits) and continually teasing them.

    After a few times, I start getting them to do chores around the house like cleaning and making dinner. It’s amazing how many will just do it and I love watching it. If a guy’s really easy to control and keeps coming back hoping for more, I’ll turn it up a notch and get him silly outfits like a French maid outfit to work around the house in.

    I’ll keep this going until the guy just gives up.

    Basically, it gives me entertainment and gets chores done. I never promise anything and never lie to them; so, it is technically all their own free will.

    I guess it’s kinda wrong, but I don’t really feel bad.”

    Her followup post says:

    “I guess some people like this and some are fascinated.
    Like I said, I never make false promises. I just ask them to dress up and do the chores. If they wanna go out, I usually just ask them to come over instead and they always oblige. After a number of times they’re usually competent enough to pick out outfits (which they keep at my place) and do their own makeup (which I get them to buy for themselves, of course). I think they’re extra careful doing the laundry cuz that’s their clothes in there, too. In terms of the french maid outfits, the first few times I bought it for the guys as a gift, but later realized that they’re more than happy to pay. So, I just tell them I think they’d look awesome in one and just tell them which one to order.

    I have boxes full of clothes and makeup and stuff (even wigs) from guys. Once they stop coming I ask them if they’d at least like to pick up their stuff but they never do, so I ask if I can have it and they just let me.

    So, I guess it’s kinda bad, but they’re all willing participants and I never make any promises that I break. Plus, it entertains me to no end.”

    How many of you would go for that fantasy in a heart beat?